Dear Colleagues,


We invite you to become an individual member of the Russian Society of Cardiology.


Being a RSC member you are entitled to:


• receive a newsletter with unique Russian and foreign information, scientific medical papers, and clinical reviews;

• take part in free on-line educational programmes and get a certificate of the Russian Society of Cardiology, that is included into the unified Russian database of certificates;

• have a priority right for your first abstract publication, if accepted by reviewers, in the Abstract Book of the Russian National Congress of Cardiology;

• become a participant of the project “Cardiologists of the Future” and have an opportunity to take part in the European Congress of Cardiology without having to pay the registration fee (if you are younger than 35);

• get free guidelines of the Russian Society of Cardiology and translated guidelines of the European Congress of Cardiology at the Russian National Congress.



Membership in RSC automatically leads to membership in the European Society of Cardiology, which in its turn, gives additional advantages like:


•  Discounts at ESC Educational Products;

•  Discounts for all ESC Journals, including European Heart Journal.

•  Information of all ESC Congresses congress related information;

•  Free ESC Pocket Guidelines at ESC Congresses; 

• European Membership Card that is provided only to some national societies members among which is the Russian Society of Cardiology;

• Applying for the status of ESC Fellow (ESC Fellowship programme) that has its own privileges. 




For enquiries please contact:



Questionnaire to apply for RSC Membership


RSC membership fee


List of Regional RSC Offices

1.           Moscow – Valentin Moiseev

2.           Saint-Petersburg – Eduard Zemtsovsky

3.           The Irkutsk Territory – Farid Belyalov

4.           The Tomsk Territory – Rostislav Karpov

5.           The Republic of Karelia – Denis Gavrilov

6.           The Krasnoyarsk Territory – Vladimir Shulman

7.           The Zabakailsk Territory – Anatoly Govorin

8.           The Kaluga Territory – Grigory Cherevaty

9.           The Bryansk Territory – Andrey Nedbaikin

10.        The Krasnodar Territory – Vitaly Skibitsky

11.        The Perm Territory – Natalia Koziolova

12.        The Republic of Chuvashia – Denis Gavrilov

13.        The Ryazan Territory – Sergey Yakushin

14.        The Republic of Bashkortastan – Alyara Zakirova

15.        The Tumen Territory – Vadim Kuznetsov

16.        The Novosibirsk Territory – Mikhail Voevoda

17.        The Omsk Territory – Galina Nechaeva

18.        The Amur Territory – Irina Menshikova

19.        The Voronezh Territory – Vyacheslav Povorotov

20.        The Leningrad Territory – Tatyana Turina

21.        The Penza Territory – Valentin Oleinikov

22.        The Chelyabinsk Territory – Sergey Levashov

23.        The Ivanovsk Territory – Svetlana Romanchuk

24.        The Republic of Dagestan – Аligadzhy Abdullaev

25.        The Republic of Yakutia – Kyundyul Ivanov

26.        The Kaliningrad Territory – Dmitry Shavshin

27.        The Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria

28.        The Republic of Tatartstan – Albert Galyavich

29.        The Yaroslavl Territory – Sergey Eregin

30.        The Altay Territory – Galiba Chumakova

31.        The Nizhegorod Territory – Nikolay Borovkov

32.        The Kemerovo Territory – Olga Barbarash

33.        The Saratov Territory – Pavel Dovgalevsky

34.        The Tver Territory – Victor Anikin

35.        The Sverdlovsk Territory – Svetlana Yakovleva

36.        The Republic of Mordovia – Ludmila Goncharova

37.        The Volgograd Territory – Yuri Lopatin

38.        The Smolensk Territory – Victor Milyagin

39.        The Lipetsk Territory – Alla Tikhonova

40.        The Kirovsk Territory – Ekaterina Tarlovskaya

41.        The Primorsky Territory – Elena Khludeeva

42.        The Samara Territory – Dmitry Duplyakov

43.        The Orenburg Territory – Roman Libis



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