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Among the goals of the Russian Society of Cardiology are professional and scientific communication with specialists and societies of other medical areas, development of international cooperation, assistance in distribution of Russian cardiology achievements in the world, as well as health education and cardiovascular prevention in the widest possible population.


The Russian Society of Cardiology is aimed at transparency and accessibility of information to all those interested in the Russian scientific and practical cardiology as well as other medical areas.


The principle of RSC in work with media partners is its full information openness. That is why we are always ready for communication with journalists and try to assist as much as we can in preparation of articles for publication.


For enquiries on media accreditation at RSC events, interviews and other issues please contact us via e-mail:





Go Red For Woman in Russia. Activities in 2015.

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Upcomming events

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GoRed for women

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The Museum of Heart

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Russian National Congress of Cardiology

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Russian society of cardioilogy is celebrating its 50th anniversary

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Leaflet "This will save life” is prepared by doctors-cardiologists to teach people the initial skills of stroke diagnosis and self-diagnosis.


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International project "Go red for women" is aimed at cardiovascular prevention in women. Russian Society of Cardiology has joined the European initiative.


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Booklet of one of RSC public projects - “Heart Museum”. The booklet will tell about the purposes and main exhibits of the museum.


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Russian Society of Cardiology issued a pack of cards for the purpose of healthy lifestyle promotion and health education. The card pictures are caricatures of habits leading to cardiovascular diseases development and, at the opposite sides – their healthy alternatives.


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