All-Russian Public Organization “The Society of Experts in Heart Failure»



All-Russian Public Organization “The Society of Experts in Heart Failure», organized in December 1999, is a voluntary, self-controlled, noncommercial formation framed under the aegis of the Society of Cardiology of the Russian Federation. The founders and board of the Society include leading experts in the field of cardiology, clinical pharmacology and public health services of the Russian Federation.


The primary aim of the Society is the introduction of new technologies of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of heart failure. More than 50 schools and seminars are held annually by the Society experts in various regions of the country for this purpose. These gives an opportunity to thousands of cardiologists, therapists and general practitioners to raise their qualification. Last years annually were held All-Russian Conferences on a Heart Failure. Journals "SERDSE" and "SERDECHNAYA NEDOSTATOCHNOST" are issued by circulation of 17500 copies. Experts of the Society created National Guidelines on Diagnosis and Treatment of the Chronic Heart Failure. The Society organizes and conducts epidemiological studies, multicenter investigations of new drugs and treatment methods. Society branches are framed in 64 regions of the country. The Society has more than 2000 members.


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