All-Russian non-governmental Antihypertensive League


The All-Russian non-governmental Antihypertensive League is noncommercial public join created to unite the efforts in struggle with such socially significant cardiovascular disease as arterial hypertension and its complications.


Organization realizes its activity under guiding of the President, Doctor of Medicine, professor, Kobalava Z.


Fellowship in organization is voluntary. Its members are the leading specialists in the field of a cardiology in more than 50 subjects of Russian Federation.


League activity

Research and development: organizing of epidemiological study (involving St.-Petersburg and RF 30 regions) of prevalence of a metabolic syndrome; international cooperation with German "Institute of human diet" (Potsdam, Berlin).

"Arterial hypertension" - is scientific - practical magazine publishing since 1998. Circulation makes 5000 copies. Periodicity of the edition - 6 times a year.

The main editor Konradi Alecsandra - doctor of medical sciences, professor, past-president of All-Russian PO " ANTIHYPERTENSIVE LEAGUE "


The contact address:

Edition of a magazine « Arterial hypertension »; e-mail:, phone/fax +7 (812) 702-37-56


Public activity

"School of patients with arterial hypertension" - are held by doctors - members of league. First in Russia the cardiologists of league went into streets and started to relate how to keep the heart healthy. Within the framework of these actions everyone can go through screening research of the health and receive expert"s consultation. 


The website:


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