Global Educational Forum “Russian Cardiovascular Days” 2013

Moscow, Russia, 4 April - 6 April 2013

Forum Presentations and Abstracts (Renewed on April 7, 2013)


Foreign speakers at the Educational Forum

Reports of young cardiologists


On April 4-6, the First Global Educational Forum “Russian Cardiovascular Days” was held.


The Forum became the first educational event in its own way where the efforts of leading Russian and foreign specialists were joined to develop cooperation between Russian and European Societies of Cardiology.


The Forum was opened by the Russian Healthcare Minister assistant Lyalya Gabbasova who read the welcome address of Minister Veronika Skvortsova and wished the delegates the most successful and fruitful work. 

Professor Komajda, ESC Past President, addressed the forum participants on behalf of our European colleagues. He presented a scientific lecture on Heart Failure Challenges and Perspectives in 2013.

The opening ceremony was finalized with a lecture on the role of the Russian Society of Cardiology in improvement of cardiovascular healthcare delivered by Professor Evgeny Shlyakto, Presdient of the Russian Society of Cardiology.


The Russian Society of Cardiology provided educational grants for young scientists from different Russian regions to join the event. More than 70 RSC members from 22 regions came to Moscow and took part in the Forum thanks to these grants. In total, 1098 delegates from 27 countries and 193 cities of Russia visited the Forum. 






The event organizers are proud of the lecturers team at “Russian Cardiovascular Days”. The Russian science was represented by such famous scientists as RAMS academician Evgeny Shlyakhto, RAS and RAMS academician Renat Akchurin, RAMS academician Amiran Revishvili, RAMS corresponding member Marina Shestakova, Professors Yuri Lopatin, Mikhail Ruda, Vitaly Sulimov, and Alexandra Konrady. 


Among the European colleagues were ESC Past President Professor Komajda (France), Professor Bax (the Netherlands), Professor Camm (Great Britain), Professor Gilard (France), Professor Grobbee (the Netherlands), Professor Henry (France), Professor  Leclercq (France), Professor Ponikowski (Poland). 


During the Forum, live webcast of plenary sessions and symposia was arranged by the IT Section of RSC and RSC information partner National Internet Society of Internal Diseases Specialists.


Wide audience of doctors from many cities of Russia was able to follow the sessions at “Russian Cardiovascular Days”. Specialists from small towns (with a population less than 100,000 people) were the most active Internet participants. Every day, from 6,000 to 10,000 people became distant listeners of the Forum and asked their questions. In average, about 50 questions from Internet listeners were asked during a session. 


The specificity of the Forum was demonstrations and interactive discussions of clinical aspects of new medical techniques. The debates were based on real cases, and the listeners had a possibility to participate actively via electronic voting system. 


Reports of young cardiologists of the Global Educational Forum “Russian Cardiovascular Days”


The young cardiologists having attended the Forum provided their written reports of the Event:

  • Oksana Efimova, Samara
  • Natalia Larionova, Ulianova
  • Mariam Bakhchoyan, Krasnodar
  • Mark Druzhilov, Karelia
  • Natalia Gavriluk, Saint-Petersburg
  • Darya Stankevich, Chelyabinsk
  • Olga Troshenkina, Ulyanovsk
  • Zinaida Pustotina, Chita
  • Ekaterina Makeeva, Ulyanovsk
  • Elena Magalyas, Blagoveschensk
  • Anna Kuznetsova, Irkutsk
  • Anna Pukhova, Toliatti
  • Irina Starodubtseva, Voronezh
  • Nataly Kuznetsova, Ekaterinburg
  • Elena Andreeva, Petrozavodsk
  • Svetlana Garkina, Samara
  • Ksenia Vasilyeva, Ekaterinburg
  • Ruslan Shepel, Ufa
  • Natalia Makarochkina, Ekaterinburg
  • Alsu Sharafutdinova, Ulyanovsk
  • Yury Chaikisov, Irkutsk
  • Valery Ionin, Saint-Petersburg



Forum Materials 


Scientific Programme

Address of the Healthcare Minister Veronika Skvortsova to participants of the First Global Educational Forum “Russian Cardiovascular Days”

Information Letter

Session Materials



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